Lilliput Legend Adventure Race

Lilliput Legend 2024 - Saturday, 20th July 2024

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During the run you will encounter a mixture of tarmac and of road surface mostly grass with some rock.  It is recommended that you use trail shoes but ordinary runners will be sufficient.


The cycle section is all on tarmac and is suitable for road bikes.  The use of a mountain or other bikes is fine and will be your personal choice.  It is also your choice as to whether you use cycling shoes or opt for straps on your bike.  Helmets, however, are compulsory and your bike must be road worthy.


The kayak section is on Lough Ennell and will run parallel to the shore.  This will mean that for most of the paddle you will not be out of your depth.  There will be adequate rescue and safety in place.  However, this said a regulated PFD (Personal Flotation Device) Buoyancy aid etc. is compulsory.  If you are using the 2 man kayaks provided, all equipment will be supplied.  If you are using your own boat all your gear must be clearly labelled and its safety will be your own responsibility.

Safety & First Aid

There will be 2 ambulances patrolling the course.  There will be a First Aid station at Lilliput Coffee Shop and there will also be a Paramedic doing the race.  There will be qualified first aid personnel at all junctions on the bike and run route.  There will be 2 rescue boats on the lake for the kayak section along with adequate competent paddlers to assist you.

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