Kick Ass

Kick Ass 2018

Saturday July 21st 2018 @ 10 a.m.


Kick Ass

Run 10 km*
Bike 53 km*
Kayak 2 km*
Climb 770 ft*
TOTAL: (*Approx) 65 km*



Course Stages:

Kayak 2 km on Lough Ennell
Cycle 34 km to Croghan
**Run 10 km over Croghan Hill with 770 ft climb
Cycle 19 km to Lilliput Adventure Centre

**Note:  There will be some obstacles along the Croghan Hill leg of the race.  These will require you to climb over them.



Click on each of the maps to download a high resolution version.

Full Kick Ass Route

Kick Ass Lilliput Route

Kick Ass Croghan Route